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Congrats on your new Tattoo!


Please proceed with the following steps

STEP1: Buy A&D Ointment and Antibacterial Dial Soap

STEP2: Remove bandage after 2 hrs


STEP4: Gently wash your tattoo under warm water,

              and air-dry once completed. 

STEP5: Apply A&D Ointment on the surface of your tattoo

STEP6: Wipe off all excess ointment with a warm paper towel,                                                     leaving a SUPER THIN layer remaining 

                     REMINDER: Do not apply too much or it may lead to damaging the tattoo

STEP7: Repeat steps 3-6 for the next 3 weeks, 3-4 Times a day

                     Reminder: Resist from scratching, picking, sun, gym, sweat, pools/baths, and Late nights at the Club.   


                     Please keep your new tattoo Clean at all times.  Thank You


                     For any Questions or Concerns, Please contact AJ or Lori  503-431-0251

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